Mytech Culture Experience | Who We Are And What Defines Us?

July 5, 2017

“Givers succeed in a way that creates a ripple effect, enhancing the success of people around them” said Adam Grant in his groundbreaking & innovative book “Give and Take”. The book talks about extensive research on people who are givers, takers or matchers. My inspiration for this piece is on “Givers”. The surprising forces pushing people up through their careers works well for not only takers but givers as well. When a giver gives guidance, mentoring, companionship to another, he is actually setting him up for success. At Mytech, one of the values that is deeply engrained is “Set the next person up for success”. Selflessly giving not only makes you well prepared for yourself but also open to extending your hand to someone who may need the help. This is true in terms of career, work, relationships, academics etc.

What can be more rewarding than to see the happiness and gratefulness of someone who owes you one? It changes your focus and your perspective and in a way, puts others ahead of you but that benefits not only him/her but you too. As you continue to give and set another person up for success, you earn your payback by gaining respect and loyalty. Each one has their one distinctive signature and tilting the balance towards paving the road for others more not only earns you brownie points right away but also future collaboration with networking, interaction & negotiations. Our interaction with our near and dear ones, co-workers and friends help us identify if we are in need of only serving ourselves or do we put the other person in the forefront?    

How does this tie down to success? Simple - Pay the kindness forward! Humans thrive on social interactions and as the mindset of each person changes to more of giving than taking &/or matching, then together the team succeeds and when the individual teams succeed, then the organization reaches its goal and they gain too! Giving is an admirable quality and which by no means should only be left at the relationship door but should be brought into the professional door too. As we draw on different values in different roles, it’s time we reflect on who we are and who we want to be.

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