Working Above the Line to Improve Technology Return on Investment

Working Above the Line to Improve Technology Return on Investment

November 2, 2016

All companies want to see some sort of return on their technology investments – whether it’s better insight into the company data or reducing duplication of work. One of the principles Mytech follows to illustrate where the greatest ROI will be achieved is the “Above the Line” pyramid. Mytech’s goal is to build and support a stable base infrastructure that enables customers to integrate their systems to reach higher productivity and to extract data that will assist in decision making.

Seeing a return will not happen overnight. It starts with identifying what information you need to better run your business. What is the key data you wish you had to help make the toughest decisions? It could be sales, financial, or even administrative. Then, stepping down the pyramid, identify what needs to be in place to get you the data you need. Maybe it’s two pieces of software you already have in place that need to be able to talk to each other; maybe it’s a new system that needs to be implemented. Finally, getting to the bottom, identifying that the hardware in place can support the systems you need implemented. Once all information has been identified, start building the solution from the bottom up based on what you need to reach your end goal.

Don’t try to solve all of your challenges at once. Improve the most critical system first, then incrementally add additional areas you would like to improve after the previous solution has been implemented.

Watch Mytech U : How to get a Return on Technology, to learn more about how Mytech implements change internally to see a return on our own technology investments.

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