Your Lion is Killing my Camel!

Your Lion is Killing my Camel!

May 17, 2017


I was in a project meeting recently, surrounded by a team of professionals with differing expertise and variable personalities, all of us committed to our common goal of getting the impossible done for a valuable client.  Oh sure it seemed like a great idea when we’d promised the elusive unicorn-solution-to-end-all-solutions (fast/good/cheap), but now we had to make it work.   You could almost hear the theme from Mission Impossible playing in the background, our cast of characters now assembled:

  • The Camel:  Our always organized Project Manager has every detail planned ad nauseam
  • The Monkey:  Our Account Manager keeps tossing distracting joke bombs, weaponizing laughter as her way of getting what she wants
  • The Lion:  Our VP - loud and occasionally rude - tossing around orders like he knows everything.  (He kinda does)  
  • The Turtle:  Our Purchasing Agent, always quiet, always patient, simply waiting for instructions for what to order

This is the true story part, the moment when our Project Manager, exhausted and frustrated with our VP’s never-ending intrusions, brings the meeting to its inevitable unproductive end by exclaiming “YOUR LION IS KILLING MY CAMEL!”

This Mytech U session is about communication.   It’s about helping people with wildly diverse personalities learn how to produce better results in meetings like the one described above.  We utilize this concept in our business, and I’ll share with you how we did it.


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