Organize Everything! | Discovering and Utilizing SharePoint Lists

Organize Everything! | Discovering and Utilizing SharePoint Lists

April 12, 2022

SharePoint boasts a wide range of revolutionary collaboration tools, and many organizations don’t even know about them! In addition to storing your team’s documents, SharePoint can also organize your team’s information, like issue tracking or a list of shared resources. With Lists, you can discuss smaller notes, manage shared assets, or brainstorm on topics that haven’t turned into full documents yet. Learn about:

  • Tracking shared resources & check-in/check-out functions
  • Creating new Lists & using customizable templates
  • Organizing team meetings & distributing company-wide resources
  • Easy-access search capabilities & Teams integration

In this demonstrative session, we review many of the ways you can use SharePoint Lists to organize your information and improve how your teams collaborate. Get to work on what’s most important with this hidden, customizable feature of the SharePoint you’re already using!

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