Security Alert: Phishing Risks from Threat Actor Nobelium Remain High

Security Alert: Phishing Risks from Threat Actor Nobelium Remain High

October 25, 2021

You may have heard about the recent cyberattack activity from Russian actor Nobelium, a nation-state group that was responsible for the SolarWinds breach of 2020. Experts in the cybersecurity industry expect these attacks to continue, so awareness and diligence in preventing phishing attacks and breaches is crucial – for both managed services providers like Mytech, as well as each of our end users. 

What you should do:

These attacks are not currently exploiting any known vulnerability or configuration: they employ conventional cyberattack strategies, such as phishing attempts or brute-force password attacks. You can protect yourself by requiring strong passwords and training your team to spot and avoid phishing emails. As always, never open – or even click on – email attachments from an untrusted source. And if you notice any unusual behavior in your devices or network activity, please report it right away.

What Mytech is doing:

Mytech is monitoring the development of this threat from numerous partners in the cybersecurity industry, and closely evaluating our cybersecurity policies to address any potential vulnerabilities or threat vectors. We will continue to inform and protect our clients from this threat and others, all as part of Making IT Easy – no matter the threat.

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